Affordable Audio Mixing and Recording Services

Located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Orion’s Belt Studio is a small project studio that is home to my (Orion) audio production endeavours. My specialty is online audio mixing and on-site audio recording.

Music, in performance, is a type of sculpture. The air in the performance is sculpted into something.

Frank Zappa

My Services


High quality digital audio mixes that are clear, crisp, punchy, and warm. I take your tracks (from any DAW) and I transform them into a final high-quality, stereo representation of your recordings.


There is a wide variety of recording equipment available for use at the studio. Studio time is booked by the day minimum of two weeks in advance. The space is also available for rehearsals. Please contact for an up-to-date gear list.


Listen to selected work I have done in the past.

Indie Rock, recorded & mixed
APHAZIA – Five Years

Alternative Rock, mixed

Crafting your sound.

Rates and availability are highly project dependant. I strive to offer the utmost quality at a price that is affordable for you and appropriate for the project.

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+1 (902) 300-1436