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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your rates?
    • Quite low. My rates vary on a project by project basis due to availability. General ballpark is $100 CAD per mix or $40 per minute of material. In-person sound engineering and production rates are in the ball park of $20 per man-hour.
  • How many revisions will I get?
    • Up to three (3) free revisions, further revisions subject to regular rates apply depending on the project.
  • Can I rent the studio space?
    • Yes, the studio is available for groups and individuals to rent for recording and rehearsal purposes at $20 CAD per hour or $100 to rent for a day. Any damages are liable to be paid in full.
  • What format should I send my files?
    • 24-bit .wav files are preferred. Any bitrate is acceptable. All tracks should be exported without printed effects. Effects may be printed in the rough mix. I will send back a high quality file along with rendered mp3s and any alternate mixes as requested (instrumentals, vocals up, etc).


+1 (902) 300-1436


3 Victoria Ave.
Wolfville, N.S. B4P 2H4